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A Buying Guide For a Small Rocky Horse

small rocky horse

A rocking horse is one of the traditional toys for toddlers. Rocking horses have been in existence for the last hundred years. There is a wide range of these toys including vintage, traditional, or the contemporary models. Some of the most popular brands of rocky horses include the Little Tikes, Fisher Price, Papas, and mammas.


Some of the factors that should guide you when buying a small rocking horse include size, purpose, stand type, usability, comfort, and safety. The current models have a timeless charm and other additional features such as galloping sounds, and lights. In addition to these features, they have non toxic and safe constrictions that will keep your kids happy.


It is meant to be a toy for your child or is it just a decorative item? Many customers have been buying them for their kids. Some have been using them as indoor decorative features. If you have been looking for investment, then you should go for a valuable item.



Rocky horses come in different sizes ranging from small ones to the extra large ones. The size chosen will depend on the storage facility. Are you planning to keep it in the bedroom/nursery of your kid? Making a note of the different measurements will help you in making the right choice when buying one.



This is one of the most important factors that will influence your choice. How much are you planning to spend? You should always decide on your budget before approaching or visiting a rocky horse dealer. Of course, you should have a leeway to ensure that you don’t miss the best horse. Budgeting will prevent you from overspending as this would make you regret in future. The prices of small rocky horse is mainly determined by the overall construction, its condition and quality of curving.


Old or new

Individuals buying them as gifts are advised to purchase new brands. By so doing, you will be in a better position of making an informed decision as far as selection of colours is concerned. Having a customized design will ensure that your dreams are fulfilled. Again, you will be guaranteed of its vitality and strength when you buy a new horse. On the other hand, if you are planning to buy one for an ornamental reason, then you can buy an old rocky horse. You can still find a collection of old rocky horses that have exceptional beauty and quality.